Start up & Grow Mastermind

This is perfect if you have a lash or beauty business. This particular course has been designed for lash artist who are new at having their own business or those who have been going for a few years but want to push their business to the next level. 

Gain a clear understanding of branding,
How to Market your business,
Social Media, Reels, Hashtags & more
Build strong business systems & client policies to protect your business and keep your profits high.
Tracking your business to grow
Learn what to work on to make your business profitable 
Business essential, banking, giving yourself a pay rise every year. Earn the wage YOU want 
After 12 years in business, winning multi awards for business & growing the companies. I can help you have the business of YOUR dreams 

A Live session with Kristina is £100 this is with a small group of like minded lash/ beauty business owners. 

YES! Having a lash, beauty or even hair business even if you work from home it's still a business. You want to make money from this? Of course you love what you do, but loving your clients & making good money is surly the perfect match.