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Why are lash extensions not lasting?

How to raise your prices?

Don’t you hate it when you get that phone call…. We have all been there as & it’s soul destroying but there are many reasons lashes might not be lasting are luckily most are easy to fix.

Why are lash extensions not lasting? At KSLA Professional there isn’t much we don’t know about lash extensions. Lets dive in, check you are cleansing the lashes with a non-oily lash cleanser or lash shampoo before you apply lash extensions, this ensures there is no oil or make up on the lashes & the lash extension will bond correctly then make sure the lashes are perfectly dry you don’t want to apply lash extensions to wet lashes.

Another thing to check is your glue, ensure your lash glue is in date as most lash glues expire after 2-3 months so check when you opened it. We would always recommend KSLA lash Adhesive as it has a wide humidity & temperature range, 1-2 second drying time, no fumes & strong.

With any Lash glue ensure you have shaken it really well so it is blended & your lash area is within the working humidity range of your glue. All Lash adhesives have a working temperature & humidity range, so you need to ensure your environment is correct.

If it is a very hot summer day you need to try to keep your room cool or use slightly more lash adhesive. Next, check your glue speed if you’re using a 0.5 second glue drying time you might need a slower adhesive as this is very fast & if you’re not working at the right speed the glue will be dry before you apply the lash extension & this will result in the lash falling off within a few hours.

Finally ensure your client is following correct aftercare advice & not picking at the lashes. If you have done all of that & still having problems, it could be your application & will need to speak with whoever trained you for more help.

Kristina Shepherd

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