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Should I Patch Test my clients?

Should I Patch Test my clients?

Should I Patch Test my clients?There is always so much talk & opinions in the lash industry regarding patch testing. With scary images of swollen eyes & talk of worst-case scenarios it’s hard to know what is for the best. At KSLA Professional we like to give you the pros & cons keeping it balanced as we have been in the lash industry for 15 years and seen everything.

In a nutshell you must do what your insurance company says because they are the ones covering you if you ever run into any problems.

The problem with a lot of insurances they will pass the buck, they never want to give a straight answer and always tell you to go by what you was trained or what the brand your using states. That isn’t good enough as you need to know from your insurance what they cover.

Next you need to decide if you want to patch test, if you don’t, find an insurance that states you don’t need to or a brand which also states you don’t need to with their glue & usually insurances will be ok with you following what a brand states.

You might think it’s silly not to patch test & think why you wouldn’t if it stops a reaction, but it doesn’t stop a reaction. I’ve been doing lashes for over 15 years and done tens of thousands of sets of lashes & infills in that time, I’ve only seen a reaction from a patch test once & it was not anything bad.

Clients don’t or very rarely react to a patch test, but they do react to over exposure which is when some clients have lashes on for years without any problems then suddenly they start to react, this is just where the body has bult up an allergy to the glue, it’s nothing you have done and there isn’t much that can be done to prevent this.

If this carries on and the reaction gets worse you will need to stop lashing that client, you could also wash the area around the eyes with wet cotton pads as some reactions can be due to the fumes sitting on the skin, the client can also take a break from lashes and try again in a few months but there is no guarantee they won’t react again.

Overall patch testing doesn’t do a lot to stop reactions it’s really just to keep compliant with your insurance, it might just catch that one client who does react & it is an extra layer of protection from client’s view point as they might not understand about patch testing so if you don’t test they might not fully understand why & there for compromise their trust in you on the other side if you don’t want or need to patch test it can be great to get those last minute clients in

Lots to think about, so first check what your current insurance says & think about if you want to patch test or not then find a insurance that fits with your business

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