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Professional Beauty Magazine

Professional Beauty magazine interviewed Kristina Shepherd the owner of our lash brand KSLA Professional  on what is takes to grow a lash business in 2023 and beyond. Kristina has almost 20 years in the beauty industry and 16 of those doing lashes so who better to ask!!

”It’s all very well to say things like charge your worth but what does that mean. To someone who has done a quick course and has no idea how to start a business? You might only know how to discount and run offers but it doesn’t leave much room for profit & if you was to calculate what you are actually earning you might find it’s not even minimum wage”

So many lash techs think being self employed is the dream and rush quickly to do this without any understanding on the business side. These days salons are offering so much more then ever before in terms of wages, commission and benifits and you can earn really well being employed in a good salon, but for those who do want to start their own lash business it’s so important to get everything right from pricing to the client journey and more.

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