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Planning for a successful year

Planning for a successful year

Planning for a successful year at KSLA Professional.  We know planning is key to running a thriving business. KSLA is a busy lash brand & key to any good business is planning & organisation.

We have so many lash training courses at our welling location which is in Kent & so close to London we get busy with our lash courses, so have become planning experts. 

You need to know every important date in the year, have every offer or promotion in the diary, holiday dates to prevent burn out, key industry events, lash training, business training, monthly, bimonthly 6 month & 1 year goals & all the steps you need to get there.

It can be overwhelming, but you need to first work out how you like to plan?  Notes on your phone, an online planner, or a paper planner. Planners & diaries are very different with a good planner there is social media sections, goal planning & much more.

We have an online booking system for the client side of one of my businesses but with everything behind the business I love a good paper planner, I just can’t get on with an online planner, so work out what will make you productive.

You’re going to need to spend a day or two brainstorming & planning, putting your goals in the diary & breaking them down to monthly steps. Put everything down, personal, professional what a good day looks like , month & year looks like for you & start planning how you can hit each step

Having a great planner is no good if you don’t consistently use it, work with it every day, review it each week on a Sunday & plan your new week…  now go & smash your goals


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