Opal Beauty Games

Opal Beauty Games

Opal Beauty Games is a prestigious lash & beauty event. Packed full of lash speakers, industry leaders & experts in the lash & beauty industry & a must for you to attend. The opal Beauty Games will host a lash competition & as you all know I speak a lot about entering & winning awards and how key it is to your business & setting yourself apart.

I am honoured to have been asked to judge for the Opal Beauty games 2023 and I will be judging the lash Lift competition. I can’t wait to see all the entries and give in-depth feedback. Entering lash & business competitions will set you apart from other lash artist, allow you to test your skills and push yourself to the next level. You might win and that’s fantastic but even if you don’t win the feedback will be key to you improving & perfecting your skills to the next level. Winning an award will also give you the chance to raise your prices and earn more profit & becoming an expert in your field.

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Don’t forget we offer training if you wanted to brush up on your skills before you under


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