Lash lifting products made in the uk

Lash lifting & Brow lamination products made in the uk are here at KSLA PROFESSIONAL. We are excited to launch these game changing products to our customers. These are 2 in 1 products meaning you can use them for both lash lifting and brow lamination so no need to buy a different step 1 just for brow lamination. This is great for saving you money and ensuring your products are always fresh if you do more of lash lifting & less of brow lamination.

Next, our products are made right here in the UK, fully safety tested and complying with all uk safety regulations which is rare in the lash industry. One of the best things we love about our new lash lifting products is you can mix step 2 with tint and apply, this is a game changer but that’s not all, most lash lifting products you can’t mix step 2 with tint and the few that allow this it dries on the shield and cakes making it hard to remove without water, but our KSLA Lash lifting products once mixed just wipe off in one swipe making the treatment so easy & fast to do.

Our lash lifting timings are fast only 8 minutes per step 1 and 8 minutes for step 2 but you also have the option to increase by a minute or two if you really need too, although after hundreds off lash lifting in our head office salon in welling we have never needed to go more then 8 minutes.

KSLA PRO Lash lifting products are vegan and we have the bunny logo, we wanted to ensure we was not harming any of our fluffy friends.

The bottles for our step 1, 2 & 3 lash lifting & brow lamination products are bigger then most at 7.5mils giving so much more for your money. Our products will increase your profits, with fantastic lifting results ensuring clients re book time after time, mixing step 2 & tint is saving you time and time is money, only 8 minutes development time per step 1 & 2 meaning your overall treatment time is 30-40 minutes giving your more profits

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