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Lash courses in London

lash courses in London

Lash courses in London at KSLA Professional, where you can train in our popular Russian Eyelash Course as well as Individual lash Course, Lash lift & Tint, Straight to Volume Lash training in our London location. We also offer college courses where we can come out to your college & mentoring sessions online or in person, theses mentoring sessions can be about business & are all about you and what you need to know now & helping you drive your business to where you want.

Twice a year at KSLA Professional we host our Masterminds which is a live business training course with our company owner & x14 award winning businesswomen Kristina Shepherd. We have our next mastermind coming up & about to be announced soon, so make sure you are subscribe to our list to be the first to know.

All our eyelash extensions courses at our Lash academy in London and are 5 minute walk from the station so you can come to us from anywhere in London, Kent anywhere in the UK. Our most popular course is our Straight to Volume Eyelash Course where you can learn everything as a beginner with no experience & leave feeling confident to start lashing on family & friends

All our eyelash extension courses in London/ Kent location and are either VIP sessions which are 1-2-1 or small groups. Our lash extension training courses have been created from over 15 years of experience & knowledge as a lash & business expert. Individual eyelash course covers lash theory, curls, mapping & styling, lash health, patch testing, payment, isolation lots of practical training and so much more.

Russian Volume Lash Course covers advance mapping and styling, mixing curls eye shapes, in-depth consolation and hand making Russian Volume fans. We teach how to create different looks, wet look lashes, wispy lash extensions, cat eye and so much more

Consultation is so important and is covered in detail in all our lash training courses & is key to starting up an eyelash business or working in a lash bar. With so many lash techs it is vital to set yourself apart from the competition and in my opinion, there is only two ways to do this, you become the cheapest lash tech in town which I would never recommend, or you offer something above and beyond.

Lash lift and tint course has become so popular and is fast becoming the most asked for lash course. Our lash lift & tint course in London teaches you how to get the perfect lift every time and what we as lash competition judges look out for in the industry.

Why do your eyelash extension course with KSLA professional? There are many Lash academy’s around but here at KSLA Professional our brand has won over 14 Lash & business awards including Trainer of the year in international competitions. We are experts in lashes & business and are regularly on stage speaking at lash events all over the UK.

We write for expert lash magazines such as Professional Beauty, Lash inc & Lash-ed, invited onto Podcasts to share knowledge and we also judge international lash awards such as The Opal Beauty Games so you can be sure investing in a Eyelash extension course at KSLA professional will be the best move for your business. We are very friendly & down to earth and will make you feel relaxed and confident when training with us.

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