Our goal is to help you to become a Lash Artist that clients will travel miles for. We will support you on your journey to becoming a savvy business owner, giving you the tools to create a better life for yourself and your family.

The popularity of lashes has exploded over the past few years, offering you the opportunity to earn tens of thousands more a year whilst truly changing the way a client sees themselves. By altering what they see in the mirror you are giving someone back their confidence, which has the potential to greatly improve their quality of life. This course is not just learning how to apply lashes; we teach you how to grow a business, give you security and create an exciting career with a stable income for you and your family. 

This Accelerator Lash Programme will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a quality Lash Artist, starting a successful business and propelling into success. Our Beginner to Pro course is two courses in one, with everything from our Individual Lash and Russian Volume Lash courses included in one valuable and effective programme. 

You will learn:
• All foundations of lash artistry, lash consultation & how to create the perfect set of lashes.
• Extended lash mapping, which allows you to achieve a smoother finish.
• Styling in detail, lash curls, weights, thicknesses & temperature.
• Sanitising & sterilising.
• Eye health & allergies.
• Workspace set up & personal set up.
• Isolation, bond & types of applications.
• Infills, maintenance & removals.
• Theory on our adhesives, which are best to use & how to use them effectively, their ingredients, possible reactions & preventative measures.
• Precise application, direction, bonding, shock curling & blooming.
• How to hand make Volume lashes seconds before you apply. No pre-fans here!
• How to pick up and place volume lashes to achieve maximum retention.
• Create a full volume lash line.
• Humidity & how this effects our adhesives and lash retention.
• How medications effect lashes.
• Wrapping the lash, wrap limit & weight limits.
• Different techniques for fanning lashes.
• Create wide & narrow fans for different styles and the uses of both.
• How to pick up straight from the strip for speed lashing.
• Bridging lashes.

We don't stop there. This course will also help you build a successful business by teaching you:
• Social media, marketing & branding your business.
• How to become a savvy business owner, to propel your business, grow, gain clients & find a good accountant.
• Trouble shooting. What are you struggling with? From marketing to staff, your choice of lash glue to finding new clients, we have created a bespoke section of this course to work on anything you need in order to propel your business into success!

This course includes everything you receive with the Individual Lashes and Russian Volume courses, in order for you to get the most out of the experience:
• Start up kit and manual.
• Accredited certificate.
• Access to our online group.

Our lash courses are so much more than just courses; they're a lifetime training programme. You'll be invited to our lash nights and training events and Kristina will always be on hand for quality advice. 

This course will take you from beginner to lash pro in just 2 days in our training academy, all for only £899.

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This course is perfect for all beginners! If you're serious about becoming a successful lash artist and changing your life, this course is for you. A full-time Lash Artist can earn around £75K per year just charging £80 per full set and booking 4 clients per day. 

It is an intense journey to go from complete beginner to a professional, and so you should be prepared to work hard and be committed to practising over the next few months. Seeing the changes you make to yourself and your clients will make it all worth it! 

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Would you like to be trained by our master Lash Artist and Educator 1-2-1, with 100% focus on you for the whole course? Ask any questions you want & gain Kristina's insights and knowledge all for yourself.

We also offer Lash & Business mentoring for all levels. This is bespoke to your requirements, perfect if you've been out of lashing for a while and you want to update your skills or maybe you've found your original training has left you feeling unsure if you can do it. Whatever the issue, we can help.

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Offer your students an opportunity to receive the best lash education. Put your college on the map with training by Kristina Shepherd!

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